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Vol IV: Alterna Comics Spinner Rack

Illegal Machine, Mister Joe Fixit and Diabolu Frank return to deeper dive independent comics podcasting after an over two year hiatus with a tweaked format and an accelerated release schedule (which could very well be an annual and still count, though.) Adopting something more like a magazine format, the boys turn a virtual spinner rack of "floppy" titles from the publisher Alterna Comics, who are "Bringing Back Newsprint Comics" of the sort we grew up on at the very inviting cover price of a dollar to a buck-fifty for often full color original work. We choose individual issues or runs of the titles Amazing Age, The Chair, Croak, Doppelganger, Mother Russia, Scrimshaw, Trespasser, & The Wicked Righteous to mixed but hopefully entertaining results. Afterwards, Frank has another brief scrape with “Swords of Cerebus,” looking at issues #13-18 of Dave Sims iconic indy. Finally, we look at your ancient mail, which looks and smells like old newsprint by this point.…

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